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Privacy & Terms

Who is responsible for maintaining the policy?

The company Butler Service App AB (“Butler App”) is the controller and responsible for the personal data in accordance with the current data protection regulations (EU) No. 2016/679.

Butler Service APP, Bohusgatan 25 se-116 67 Stockholm

Company Register: Swedish Companies Registration Office Organization Number: 559261-7483
Contact person: Antonio Saluena
VAT number: SE559261748301

Who has access to your information?

Butler App is the controller and processes personal information on behalf of the company. The processing is necessary to create and administer services and thereby used to fulfil our agreements. We do not forward, sell or exchange data for marketing purposes to third parties outside the company’s group. Data forwarded to third parties is only used to provide our services.

What are your rights?

As EU citizens, you are entitled to know what data a company has about you and how it is used.

Right of access:

You are entitled to request information about the personal information we have about you at any time. You can contact Butler App, who sends your personal information by email or letter.

Data Portability Right:

Each time Butler App processes your personal information in an automated manner according to your consent or under an agreement, you can receive a copy of your data in a structured, common and machine-readable format transferred to you or another party. It only includes the personal information that has been served to us.

Right to rectification:

You are entitled to request correction of your personal information if they are incorrect, including the right to supplement incomplete personal data.

Right of deletion:

You are entitled to delete any personal data processed by Butler App at any time except for the following situations.

* You have an unpaid debt with Butler App, regardless of the payment method
* You are suspected of having or have abused our services in the last four years
* Your debt has been sold to third parties in the last three years or a year for deceased customers
* If you have made a purchase of service, we will save your personal information in connection with the transaction for accounting purposes

You’re right to deny the processing of personal data because of a legitimate interest:

You are entitled to deny the processing of your personal data based on Butler App legitimate interest. Butler App will not continue to process your personal information unless we can show a legitimate reason for the process that precedes your interests and rights or due to legal claims.

Your right to refuse direct marketing:

You are entitled to deny direct marketing, including profile analyses made for direct marketing purposes.

You can opt out of direct marketing as follows:

* Follow the instructions in each marketing mail Right to restriction:

You are entitled to require limit to the handling of your personal information in the following circumstances:

* If you oppose the processing of your personal data based on Butler App legitimate interest, Butler App shall limit all handling of the data during the investigation of legitimate interest.

* If you claim that your personal information is incorrect, Butler App must limit all handling of these data while investigating whether the personal data are accurate.

* If the processing of personal data is in violation of the law, you may oppose the removal of personal data and request a limitation of the use of your personal information.

* If Butler App no longer needs your personal information, it is required to secure your claim.

How can you exercise your rights?

We take data protection very seriously and we handle your requests regarding your rights listed above. You can always reach us at info@ butlerserviceapp.com.

Right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority:

If you believe Butler App is processing your personal information in an incorrect manner, please contact us. You are also entitled to file a complaint with a regulatory authority.

Data protection

Butler App system is designed to comply with the current data protection regulations (EU No. 2016/679), so- called “privacy by design”.

Safety measures

Butler App performs on going measures to protect the personal data being handled. As a personal data controller, the company is responsible for data management agreements with the necessary assistance.

Reporting Obligation

Butler App must report incidents involving personal data, such as data breach, to the responsible regulatory authority within 72 hours. In some cases, relevant EU citizens may also be informed.

Updates to our privacy statement:

We may need to update our privacy statement. The latest version of the privacy statement is always available on our website. We will notify you of any significant changes to the privacy statement such as the purpose of using your personal information or your rights.