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The Butler Service App is a revolutionary platform for handling all areas within facility service, making work smother for clients and contractors.


With the Butler
Service App you get


A complete range of services directly in your tablet or smartphone – no matter what or when you need it.


Efficiently coordinate your service needs with a few keystrokes on your mobile phone. Instead of spending unnecessary time looking for help, you can focus on your core business.


The Butler Service App contains quality-assured craftsmen, insight into all stages of the execution of your order and a complete range of services at several different levels.

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We grow in numbers every day

More and more users are discovering the benefits and connecting to the app. Wherever or whenever you need help with facility service the Butler Service App will be all you need.


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Service providers





Innovative tech

One app – for everything!

This is the only facility service platform seamlessly linking together clients and subcontractors. With our new innovative technology comes great benefits for all parties involved.


Be part of
something greater

With the Butler Service App, we have created a platform consisting of users, contractors, suppliers, license customers and investors. Simply put an ecosystem where all parts of the system work together and create value for everyone involved.

Happy clients

They use the App

Here are some of the clients using the Butler Service App for everyday operations. As a service provider you will be able to perform work for all clients in the ecosystem and grow your business.

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