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Many services but only one Butler Service

Cooling service

When a freezer stops working, help is needed quickly so that the value of food is not lost. We repair your cooling system.


When the details count – assemble, carpentry, paint or repair. Everything you need to get fixed simply!

Machine service

Keep the machines running. We ensure that your machines work for uninterrupted operation and repair those that break down.

Water & sewer

Avoid unexpected interruptions. We take care of everything from minor leaks to larger installations in a reliable way.

Delivery & transport

Reliable when time is of the essence. We make sure that orders and transports arrive on time. Big or small.


Breathe fresh! Order repair, installation and maintenance of ventilation systems – for a healthy indoor environment.

Electricity, data & lighting

Broken fluorescent tubes or problems with the electricity? With Butler Service you can order troubleshooting, repair and installations.

Window cleaning

Clear. We provide the best view with sparkling clean windows.

Sewer jetter

We provide sewer jetting services for cleaning, unclogging, and maintaining sewer systems.


Tell us what you need and we will tailor a solution for your premises and your needs.

This is how it works:

Enter your order in the
Butler Service App or call.

Suggest a day and time or select ASAP if it’s urgent.

You will receive help
within less than
48 hours regardless
of the time of day.

Full overview

in customer portal

Butler Service is a complete solution for service in hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and more. In our customer portal, you have access to cases for all your addresses. It provides a full overview and control over costs and time consumption. Both old and ongoing cases are listed.