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Customers and assignments
directly on the mobile

More missions

In Butler Partner, you see current assignments and are assigned jobs based on your eligibility and your schedule. With Bulter Partner, you can easily get new customers and manage all customer contact on the mobile until the assignment is completed.

Less administration

When you work via Butler Partner, everything about your assignments is a little smoother. Order management, job descriptions, time and material consumption. You have everything on your mobile or tablet via the app. Administer less simply.

Increase your revenue

As a partner, you are offered a wide network of customers and the opportunity for growth. Some customers who already order help via Butler Service are Fodoora, Scandic, Vetekatten and Brasseriegruppen.

Get started

Become a part of Butler Partner today. Contact us and we’ll help you set up a user account and get started. We make demands both on ourselves and our partners. It guarantees quality and high competence.